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Civil Service Compensation Scheme

Against cuts to redundancy pay

Fighting for best possible redundancy terms

[Posted 21/11/2017]

We are determined to defend your terms and conditions and get a better civil service redundancy scheme than the government imposed in 2016, is the message from PCS following the third round of talks on the Civil Service Compensation Scheme.

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CSCS ruling: the facts

[Posted 15/08/2017]

There has been a fair amount of misrepresentation and misdirection from various sources about our victory in the High Court over the government’s cuts to redundancy terms in the civil service. On 18 July judges in the High Court ruled that it was unlawful for the previous Tory government to exclude us from talks over its latest cuts to redundancy terms. In November 2016, the government imposed cuts of about 30% to the redundancy provisions of civil servants through changes to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS).

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Court quashes redundancy scheme cuts

[Posted 07/08/2017]

The full extent of our victory in the High Court over the government’s cuts to civil service redundancy pay (civil service compensation scheme) is now clear; the Court has quashed the cuts to the scheme, refused the government a right to appeal and made a full costs award against the government.

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Major win as government defeated over redundancy cuts

[Posted 20/07/2017]

It was unlawful for the previous Tory government to exclude us from talks over its latest cuts to redundancy terms, the High Court has ruled today.

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Civil Service Compensation Scheme: PCS union to take “unlawful” changes to High Court

[Posted 07/02/2017]

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Pay Up

“We all deserve a pay rise,” was the message from PCS members across the UK who took part in vibrant, well-supported payday protests to call on the government to scrap the 1% public sector pay cap and deliver fully-funded rises for all.

[Posted 04/10/2017]

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On 31 July, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) imposed the cap on employees for another 12 months.

This means that by 31 August, 3 of the largest departments in Whitehall will have delivered yet another real-terms cut in pay to their staff. Seven years of pay restraint, including the ongoing cap, have been highly damaging for many public sector workers.

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Hands off the CSCS

[Posted 09/08/2016]

Please see the latest National Briefing Hands off the CSCS 'Why it matters to PCS members'

Tribunal Fees

Against cuts to redundancy pay

Unlawful tribunal fees will be scrapped

[Posted 07/08/2017]

The government acted unlawfully when it introduced fees for employment tribunals, the Supreme Court has ruled.

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Direct Debit

PCS main website

HMRC have ended the decades old method of subcribing to your Union by stopping check off against the wishes of PCS Union. To remain a PCS Union member you should have completed a direct debit form prior to 30 April 2015. Anyone who has let their membership lapse will need to rejoin using a new members form, which can be found on the Direct Debit section on the PCS main website.

Tax Justice

Tax justice for all

Panama Papers: Does HMRC have the resources to tackle offshore tax evasion?www.civilserviceworld.com/ articles/news/panama-papers does-hmrc-have-resources-tackle-offshore-tax-evasion


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As MPs are gearing themselves up to receive a 1.5% pay rise on top of two previous 10% pay rises, and after a seven year pay cut in real terms, isn't it about time HMRC staff are rewarded for their efforts by also receiving a good pay rise!

The former leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg stated that the Public Sector should not have to bear any more of the pain. We shouldn't have had to bear ANY of the pain Nick - it should have been the bankers that should have paid for their mistakes, not ordinary people.

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