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Infectious Diseases

Posted 17/11/2017
Infectious Diseases

This image is a list of Infectious Diseases that may prevent you from taking your driving test as contracting a contagious disease can present a risk to others, especially pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems.

However, many of our colleagues in HMRC and DWP are receiving written warnings even though they have a doctors note (for example: for shingles) advising our Employer that their member of staff has contracted a contagious disease and must not attend work on Health & Safety grounds.

Staff are still receiving sick warnings because according to the guidance certain contagious diseases (like shingles) are not on HMRCs list.

To prevent more staff from receiving unjustified sick warnings and PCS reps having to use up valuable facility time helping our members appeal against these unnecesary sick warnings and the loss of man hours from staff/managers/appeal managers not doing their normal duties, isn't it about time HMRC/DWP updated their list?

Maggies Cancer Care Center


Maggies is a drop in center - no referrals are required - and offers a support service to anyone affected by cancer including friends, family, managers and co-workers of a cancer patient. Described as offering 'emotional A&E' services. It is a service that open to Men, Women and Children

For more information pleade click on the link below: www.maggiescenters.org/our-centres/maggies/newcastle/

How Sleep Affects our Mental Wellbeing


Insights from the recent launch of The Charity for Civil Servants’ mental wellbeing campaign indicates that many people are looking for advice on ‘How to Sleep Better’.

More than a third of the UK population suffers from insomnia or other sleeping disorder and for many, worries about work stress or personal problems like debt, impacts on their sleep - which can then impact on their ability to function during the day. That’s why the Charity has linked up with The Mental Health Foundation to look at this important issue and why they’re encouraging people to download their free booklet on ‘How to Sleep Better’.


With 1 in 4 people affected by mental health issues in any one year, all managers are likely to come into contact with it at some point, although we know many feel ill-equipped to do so. That’s why the Charity has a dedicated area on their website offering support and resources for managers.


For further information take a look at their website www.foryoubyyou.org.uk or call to speak to an Advisor in confidence on Freephone 0800 056 2424.

Work Related Stress

BPV staff have reported an increase in their stress levels due to the constant flipping/flexing of work streams and the lack of training available. As an Employer HMRC have a duty of care towards their employees and should aim to provide a comfortable working environment for their staff. Anyone with increased levels of anxiety or stress may wish to consider completing an HR Stress 1 form and ACC1 accident form

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