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PCS Pay Claim

Civil service unions seek judicial review over government below inflation pay guidance

[Posted 24/07/2018]

PCS has joined fellow civil service unions FDA and Prospect, calling for a Judicial Review over the government’s below inflation pay remit guidance.

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PCS pay ballot opens today – vote yes

[Posted 19/06/2018]

It is vital that all eligible members vote yes for a 5% pay rise in our statutory pay ballot, which opened today, and send a powerful message to the government.

The decision to ballot was taken by delegates following a vote at the union’s annual conference in Brighton on 22 May to support our 2018 pay claim, which calls for a fully-funded 5% pay rise.

The ballot runs until 23 July.

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Replacement ballot papers

Members should allow until Tuesday, 26 June to receive their original ballot paper, if this is not received by then, members should contact the PCS balloting office directly to request a replacement ballot paper by emailing balloting@pcs.org.uk

The email must contain details of your request, either your membership or national insurance number and your ballot address, including postcode. Ballot addresses are required to enable us to check the details we hold on commix and update as required before issuing a replacement ballot paper.

Alternatively, balloting can be contacted on 020 7801 2810, have your membership or National Insurance number to hand.

The deadline for requesting a replacement ballot paper is noon on Monday 16 July.

Requests for replacement ballot papers must come directly from the member, under no circumstances are reps able to request replacement ballot papers or provide us with a member’s personal information on their behalf.

Talks imminent on PCS pay claim

[Posted 15/03/2018]

The Government needs to know that PCS is serious about being prepared to do what is necessary to get our members an above-inflation pay rise, our general secretary Mark Serwotka has said that ahead of imminent pay talks with the Cabinet Office

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Pay up

[Posted 04/10/2017]

“We all deserve a pay rise,” was the message from PCS members across the UK who took part in vibrant, well-supported payday protests to call on the government to scrap the 1% public sector pay cap and deliver fully-funded rises for all.

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On 31 July, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) imposed the cap on employees for another 12 months.

This means that by 31 August, 3 of the largest departments in Whitehall will have delivered yet another real-terms cut in pay to their staff. Seven years of pay restraint, including the ongoing cap, have been highly damaging for many public sector workers.

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Unlawful Dismissal

Compensation for PCS member unfairly dismissed bt DWP

Compensation for PCS member unfairly dismissed by DWP

[Updated 15/05/2018]

A disabled member of PCS working in the Department for Work and Pensions, dismissed for non-disability related absences, has been awarded £110,165.14, plus 36 months pension contributions, after she won her claim of unfair dismissal and discrimination.

The member was dismissed on 5 March 2016 after working for the DWP for nearly 4 years. An employment tribunal found that her managers had breached the duty to make reasonable adjustments for her mental and physical health needs. It also found that she was treated unfavourably “because of something arising in consequence of” her disability, without justification.

An employment tribunal found that the loss of her job and before that her treatment by her managers had had a deep and profound effect on her.

After the liability judgment in March 2017, she was offered reinstatement by the DWP but with the caveat that she would have to go through an occupational health assessment. She declined the offer and decided she did not want to return to her previous workplace. Although she was very happy there with her colleagues she felt that she would not be able to trust management in the future.

In a reserved judgment last week an employment judge ordered the department to compensate our member for ‘non pecuniary loss’ and the ‘anger, distress and upset caused by the unlawful treatment she has received.’ The award also includes compensation for her loss of earnings, injury to feelings which includes an element of personal injury compensation for psychiatric damage, interest and pension loss.

More information about this case

Absence Management and the Cost of Failing to Make Reasonable Adjustments

Cost of failing to make reasonable adjustments when managing absence

Mrs C Carrabyne v The Department for Work and Pensions - Reserved Judgement

Brilliant result! This is just another example of the important work that PCS Union do, that mostly goes unoticed, and shows what a difference a strong union can make to people's lives.

More information on Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination, reasonable adjustments

Are you experiencing problems at work? Read our guide for members.

Need help with a personal case? Read our guide for reps."

Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS)

Against cuts to redundancy pay

Fighting for best possible redundancy terms

[Posted 21/11/2017]

We are determined to defend your terms and conditions and get a better civil service redundancy scheme than the government imposed in 2016, is the message from PCS following the third round of talks on the Civil Service Compensation Scheme.

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Tribunal Fees

Against cuts to redundancy pay

Unlawful tribunal fees will be scrapped

[Posted 07/08/2017]

The government acted unlawfully when it introduced fees for employment tribunals, the Supreme Court has ruled.

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Building Our Future

Thumbs down

HMRC Savaged by Parliament Again…

[Posted 31/07/2016]

Please see the latest Members Briefing R&C/MB/026/16
'Influential House of Commons Committee heavily critical of HMRC'

Latest 'Building our future' announcements

[Posted 12/07/2016]

Please see the latest Members Briefing R&C/MB/023/16
'Management Confirms No-one is Safe'

The PCS annual report

PCS Annual Report

[Posted 02/03/2017]

The PCS annual report has been completed and can be viewed or downloaded via the PCS main website.

It is also contained in the document library


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